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Salt Lake City, UTAH - Complete XRM, Inc (Utah) and Standup Alice, LLC have executed an agreement to acquire the assets known as Standup Alice.

Standup Alice improves accountability and communication for teams through the use of team huddles or daily standup meetings. Standup Alice is available in team communication platforms including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Chat, and Cisco Webex.

Standup Alice functions by asking team members for responses to 3 simple questions each day.  Team members respond to Alice, and the answers are consolidated on time for the meeting. Team members are more accountable, meetings are more efficient, and meeting leaders are freed up from this tedious and repetitive task. “This is the best kind of task to delegate to an AI bot. I can focus more on the content of the standup meetings and less on the facilitation.”

Heather Everton, Scrum Master & Standup Alice user. Learn more at

Standup Alice is used by over 20,000 companies and teams, including many of the world’s best companies known for their rapid development and iteration of their products and leadership in various fast moving industries.  Standup Alice is the perfect addition to any team looking to boost team performance

I discovered Standup Alice three years ago when I was looking to apply Agile or Scrum techniques to the management of hybrid remote, technical, and non-technical teams. Alice made the implementation of daily standup meetings so simple. When the opportunity to acquire Standup Alice was presented I could not think of a better product to be involved with.”

Keith Norris, CEO Complete XRM, Inc.

Sellers Bao & Duc created this app as a simple, scalable solution to their own standup meeting challenges.  This agreement strengthens the synergy of Complete XRM, Inc products; offering more support and required capacity to continue serving enterprise customers. “We are happy to see Standup Alice grow with a good company who can help take it to new levels of success.”

Bao Le Duc & Duc Duy Le, (Seller)

COMPLETExRM, inc  (SLC, UT) is a privately held company providing Software as a Service  productivity solutions that combine technology with methodology to help customers connect productivity with purpose to make individuals and businesses more organized, more successful, and more meaningful. Complete XRM operates multiple CRM/ERP and productivity software products including:,,, and now


Keith Norris, CEO
Tel: 801-456-8170

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