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Daily Meetings
Done Simply

  • Daily Scheduled Communication

  • Daily Reports

  • No Commitment, No Hassle

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Used in 8,000,000+ standups for companies like

Time & Money

Saving managers headaches with async awesomeness!



How it Works

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Reminds team members to post their standup answers

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Send team standup summary at a specific time in multiple channels and emails

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Supports multiple teams, i.e. Marketing, Dev teams for your organization

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Supports multiple workspaces, shared channel and shared member in Slack Connect

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Customize question for each separate standup/meeting

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Thread conversation to make standup summary more readable

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Multiple time zones team

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Sync and async team standup

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GDPR compliant

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Perfect Standup Everytime with Standup Alice
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Perfect Standup Every Time

Sometimes the simplest things are the easiest to neglect. Alice takes the burden of being consistent in the routine of daily standups and makes it automatic. You answer the questions and Alice keeps everyone accountable.

“If you took all of my productivity tools away, this is the first thing I would miss."

- Clark Scrum Master

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Stay On Schedule

Alice checks in with every team member, every day. Every team member has a chance to participate, even if they can’t make the actual meeting. 

Late for the standup? Away from your desk? Alice makes the standup conversation happen, even if you can’t be there. 

This has been a game-changer for managing my remote teams.”

- Randy C  Product Manager

Stay on Schedule with Standup Alice
Simple. Secure. Safe. Standup Alice
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Simple. Secure. Safe.

Alice is Simple to setup. It works right inside your existing channels in Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Your data is secure, your login is authenticated with your MS Teams, or Slack.

Your data is safe. We never sell your data. Everything you put in Alice is deleted when you uninstall.

“I love how easy it is to use. Even for teams who use different platforms. It's simple, and it just works.”

- Sumit  IT Director


What Customers Says About Us

"I've been teaching agile and scrum for 8 years. Alice is a
super simple tool to cordinate the daily standup meetings. 
I use it, and recommend it to all my clients. 
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Jah Tor

Agile Coach


Security & Compliance

Secure, Safe, Data, Standup Alice
“Your data is YOUR data. We don’t sell it”

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